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Pretty cool. I don't use flash, but I would like to get into it someday. I use after effects a bit and I can see some similarities.... Some good stuff for beginners!

Wavechan responds:

I love after effects too!! :D :D It's such a great program :) Thank you so much for the review!

This guy's movies are really underrated.

I love how it loops. Near the 5th time I was totally ROFLing.

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Great atmosphere and concept. I really like it alot

Great game. Awesome to see some Metallica references in there too. XD

Well thats an hour and a half from my life gone. Great game!

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This is awesome! Really great spin on an already great song.

Nice work. My brother and I are working on a cover of this song. Downstrokes are tough. Awesome song though.

Great MOP tone though! You should try for the whole song.

Good stuff. I can't help but think John Petrucci with this riff.

Incredible tone outta that 7-string!(right?) Do you mic up amps or use VSTs? If you mic I'm guessing you have an isolation box...

Right when I think my recording quality is acceptable....I listen to something of yours and get depressed! XD

RobSoundtrack responds:

WOW thats a big compliment!!

So I'm using a 7string for the rhythms and thats it.
Call me old school, but I keep coming back to mic'ing up amps.
No isolation box. Just a 11'x11' spare bedroom with carpet floor, and a close-mic'ing technique.

Haha thanks so much man; I'm flattered but truly dont utilize some of that pro gear!! Just makin' it work as best as i can! =]

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You what this feels like to me? The old Lucasarts point and click adventure games!

Incredible detail. You have great style.

A nice non-perverted picture of a beautiful anime girl! Non-perverted seems to be a rarity on NG, so its a nice breath of fresh air. Great colors, the work as a whole gives off a great adventurey hopeful vibe that I like. It brushes with realism...yet it keeps in touch with the cartoon side. This is a brilliant piece, I could stare at it for a long time.

I'm a guitar player and wanna-be audio engineer. I love recording and playing music. Check out my songs here on newgrounds.

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